Nocturnal Damnation

are a black/death metal band formed in 2010. 

Line-up consisted only Bestial Desekrator

(Blasphemous Invocations). 

The band was inspired by Blasphemy, Sarcófago, Beherit, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Sadomator, Diocletian, Naked Whipper… A few months band written songs and recorded for demo.

First demo unleashed a titled “Sadogoat Warmageddon Command(Promo CD-R)” in winter 2010.

It was made by self-released and promotional used only for label/zine. After cruel tape was unleashed at “Altar Of The Tyrant Spirit Productions(asian version)” in february, 2011. 

In march, 2012 was released demo re-issued by

Bestial Desecration Records(South American version).

It was included 1 unpublished bestial track. Finally, in june 2012 entered the studio to record 5 new beastlike war hymns for first full-length album “Desecration Crucifixion Perversion”. 

In september first LP “Bloodshed For The Wargods(3 way split)” unleashed at

Iron Bonehead Productions.

Tape unleashed through Silver Key Records in September, 2012 and CD version unleashed through Dunkelheit Produktionen in 2013.

In 2015 joined new member “Patiwat” and created new bestial songs for split “A Damnation of Tyrant’s Necro-sodomy” with Goatchrist666.

Inhuman Assault productions​

After 1 year, made new split “Sacrilegious Fornication Masscare… Filthy Desekrators!” with Japanese cult Black/Thrash band “Abigail”.

CD,Tape released in Polish underground label Putrid Cult and 7″vinyl released in Chinese label

Stress Hormones Records. 

In 2017, two split released again with Brazilian horde’s Perlokus, Disforterror, Negro Bode Terrorista.

In 2018, Compilation entitled “Sado Goat Ritual Desecration (2010-2017)” and unleashed at

Brazilian label Pagan War Distro Rex.

“Thinnarat” joined new drummer and recorded new war hymns for upcoming new EP

In 2020,Nuclear Massacre Of Goatkommando Tape release in inhuman assault productions ,CD release in Deathrasharmageddon 

Nocturnal Damnation continue war massacre!!!!